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We manufacture all types of clothes hanger, Plastic hanger, laundry hanger , Clip hanger, Garment hanger at reasonable price and at lowest price for retailers. As per customer need and use. Of different sizes ,different colors and verity.

Notched Hangers

Retailers have many choices in clothes hanger styles when it comes to unusual garments or non-typical situations. Another type of specialty hanger is the salesman’s hanger. These strong, chrome hangers feature a space-saving style and are ideal for trade-shows or salespeople who must transport multiple garments.

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tubular Hangers

All-purpose tubular molded clothes hanger are the type that’s also available to consumers and found in many homes. They come in a large range of colors. Using colored hangers (especially when coordinated with merchandise) may increase sales appeal.each with a unique purpose in your closet.

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Our core features

Cost Effective

Just like the case in many businesses nowadays, cost is a vital element in any development venture. HariOm plastic materials are extremely temperate.


We are offering superior quality Unbreakable Plastic Products. Offered products are used in various residential and commercial sectors for varied applications.


HariOm plastic materials are solid as though not more grounded than specific metals. Plastic equipment is additionally oftentimes consumption safe.

Awesome Colors

Our products are available in various shapes and sizes and all different and awesome colors. and plastics material recycled without losing any chemical properties.

the highest quality hangers in the world

Thanks to a your best quality support to us , your photos presence will make us glow and grow higher.Our unique technology lets you help as per your needs.